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RPA training in Bangalore Bangalore

RPA Training in Bangalore

It is also known as Robotic process automation RPA Training in Bangalore, is a specialization training through which knowledge and professional skills can be obtained to develop and deploy software robots. This training starts with the basic concept of Robotic process formation. This training provides an introduction to RPA designs and strategies for the development and methodologies. The training builds a student’s competence to design and develop solutions of automation for business processes. This training also prepares a student for some important examinations. Different institutions in Bangalore provide RPA training to students, and choosing the best institution is essential for a student to gain better knowledge and scope in the field. Besant Technologies offer one of the best RPA Training in Bangalore.

Top RPA Courses in Bangalore

Besant Technologies is located in Bangalore and has created its presence by opening branches in different places across Bangalore. The institution has over two thousand people around the world. The RPA training in this institute can be obtained online as well as offline in classrooms. This institution has over twelve years of experience. This institution in Bangalore provides 24/7 support and assistance to people to solve their queries and problems. This institution offers different types of training in various subjects. Students have a wide range of choices and can choose from a variety of courses. Courses are valid for a period of six months from the date of enrollment.

Placement process in RPA Training Institute in Bangalore

Besant Technologies is the number one institution in Bangalore that offers RPA training, and they provide corporate-style training to students. They provide different projects to the students, which helps to understand the process and enhance their knowledge in this field. This institute provides courses that make the student ready for a job. The students get advanced training and prepare their materials during the period. The trainers prepare the student placement and get placement from the institute after the training is completed. Besant Technologies provides 100 % placement to students, and they get a chance to get placed in the best companies.

Scope for Jobs in Top RPA Training in Bangalore

RPA's popularity is increasing day by day, and it is creating a presence in various sectors such as accounting, manufacturing, financial services, banking, retail, etc. Various RPA jobs are in great demand across different industries. There are various job roles present for RPA, such as developer, engineer, consultant, data analyst, project manager, tester, administrator, etc. These job positions are in great demand and yield an excellent salary. A salary of an RPA developer in Bangalore ranges from three lakhs to nine lakhs, with an average salary of five lakhs. This is a good career for the students as there are options available in this field, and they can earn a great salary.

Best Conclusion RPA Courses in Bangalore

RPA has a great scope, and its jobs offer the trainees a good salary. A large number of institutes provide training in RPA in Bangalore. Besant Technologies offers the best training in RPA. They also provide certifications to the students that help them while getting the desired jobs and also help them get knowledge about their acquired skills through the training process.


RPA Syllabus

Introduction to UiPath
UiPath Studio
UiPath Orchestrator

Control Flow Activities

If activity
While activity
Do While activity
For Each activity
Switch activity
Try Catch activity
Break activity
Continue activity

Data Manipulation Activities

Assign activity
Invoke Method activity
Invoke Code activity
Message Box activity
Log Message activity
Write Line activity

User Interface Activities

Click activity
Type Into activity
Select Item activity
Send Hotkey activity
Get Text activity
Set Text activity

System Activities

Open Application activity
Kill Process activity
Start Process activity
Delay activity
Wait Image activity
Excel Application Scope activity
Word Application Scope activity
Browser Scope activity

File and Folder Activities

Create File activity
Delete File activity
Move File activity
Copy File activity
Create Folder activity
Delete Folder activity
Move Folder activity
Copy Folder activity

Orchestrator Activities

Add Queue Item activity
Get Queue Item activity
Set Transaction Status activity
Get Asset activity
Set Asset activity
Add Asset activity
Get Credential activity
Set Credential activity

Excel Activities
SAP Automation Activities
API Activities
EMail --- Server exhange, outlook activities
SQL connectin activities(DB)
Web Browser Automation
How to integrate with Python and VBA macro's
Pdf Activities
Artificial Intelligence (AI) Activities

Image Activities

Screenshot activity
Take Screenshot activity
OCR Text Scraping activity
OCR Activities
Document Understanding

Placement Process

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VBA: Excel automation, Access automation, Outlook automation, PowerPoint automation, Word automation, VBA UserForms, VBA Functions, VBA Macros.

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