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SAP MM Online Training Online Courses

SAP MM Online Training 

SAP MM online course provides students with an easy and simple learning approach, and it is suitable for beginners and candidates who are experienced, professionals. The candidates who want to join the SAP MM online training are able to get a complete detailed understanding of the course, and they are taught by experts who have great knowledge about the course. The SAP MM online course allows the candidates to carry out the procurement tasks of the firm in an effective manner. In the SAP MM course, the candidates can learn and understand how to automate business processes, like the sequence of activities, and enhance the competitiveness of the sectors. The candidates are provided with a high-level look at the materials management process in  SAP MM as well as how it integrates with the SAP modules. Sap MM covers all the activities that are performed within the Supply Chain. It is used in big companies and other small or retail firms. It is used for the efficient management of raw materials and consumables. The material management process helps to confirm that no shortage of materials or any hurdles can arise in the process of a firm's supply chain.

Institutes offering SAP MM Online Training

Many institutes are present which offer the course of SAP MM. Klabs IT is one of the best institutes that offer SAP MM online training to candidates who wish to learn it and get a job. This institute offers the best SAP MM online course to the candidates, and they also offer teachers or instructors who are experienced and have great knowledge about this course. This course is planned to meet the needs of the modern IT markets, and the SAP MM online course sheds light on varieties of topics like purchase orders, document types, ESM and many more, which makes the candidates ready for the industry. The students in this institute are offered great flexibility while choosing the timing of the course, and they are also provided with a demo class, which they can utilize before joining the actual course to get a piece of knowledge about how this course works and how the candidates are taught Online. They are provided with projects and assignments that the candidates prepare during the course, which makes them ready for the industry, as the practical assignments provide them with a detailed understanding of the industries.

Placement process of the course

First, the candidates join the SAP MM online course. Then they are provided with classes for course I which they are taught full details about the course, and they are provided with proper training. They work on live assignments and gain a great amount of knowledge. After the course gets over, the candidates are asked to prepare their resumes and sit for the mock interviews and at the end, they are placed with a job in the firms.

SAP MM Online Training  - Conclusion

The students who join the SAP MM online course are offered a job and a certificate which is immensely valuable to their careers as it will help boost their resume and offer them great job opportunities.

Course Curriculum:

Module 1: SAP Overview

This module will guide you through a comprehensive understanding of SAP. Learn about the SAP-related products, various modules in SAP, and Enterprise in the SAP R/3 System

Introduction to SAP
SAP related products
How SAP Helps in Business
Various Modules in SAP
Enterprise in the SAP R/3 System
Landscape SAP MM Introduction 
SAP Methodologies
Module 2: Basic Concepts

Learn the basic concept of SAP MM with S/4 HANA in this module. Get to Know comprehensively about the basics of FI SD, basics of SD and basics of WM, with more over

MM Enterprise Structure
Basics of MM
FI Enterprise Structure
Basics of FI
Enterprise Structure
Basics of SD
WM Enterprise Structure
Basics of WM Module
 Module 3: Master Data

Here we will guide you through the Material Master a head. Here Learn about the Material master customization and Vendor master record. Here let we Know about the Purchase info record and Source list record

Material Master Record
Material Master Customization
Vendor Master Record
Purchase Info Record
Source list Record
Quota Arrangement Record
Module 4: Business Partners      

Configuring Vendor Account Groups (Financial Accounting)          
Configuring a Business Partner
Customer/Vendor Integration                    
Additional Business Partner Configurations
Maintaining a Business Partner
Module 5: Procurement Process:

The module will guide you through the Procurement Process here. Understand the procurement cycle and purchase requisition. Learn advance matter about quotation maintenance, price comparison, and creation of outline agreements. Know about Purchase orders for stock, Consumable materials, and external services. Get comprehensive knowledge about the number ranges of document types and screen layouts at the document level

Details Understanding of Procurement Cycle
Purchase requisition
Creation of Request for quotation
Quotation maintenance
Price Comparison
Creation of Outline Agreements
Purchase order for stock
Purchase order for consumable materials
Purchase order for external services
Document Types
Define Number Ranges for Document Types
Define Screen Layout at the Document Level
Module 7: Valuation & Account Determination

 This module will guide the valuation of material, material price change, account determination, FI-MM Integration, and more

Valuation of material (Standard/Moving AVG Price)
Material Price change
Account Determination
FI-MM Integration Module
Module 8: Inventory Management

This module will guide you through Inventory Management. Now Learn about the material movement type, material document, accounting document, valuated good receipt & various scenarios. Know about Transfer posting & various scenarios, reservationists and physical inventory

Material movement type
Material document
Accounting document
Valuated Good Receipt & various scenarios
Valuated Goods Issue & different scenarios
Transfer Posting & various scenarios
Physical Inventory
Module 9: Invoice Verification
Learn how to post vendor invoices. Let we Know the three-way invoice verification and two-way invoice verification. Here your will Knowledge about Debit/Credit memo, Invoice Verification, subsequent debit & credit, Park Invoice, Block Invoice, release invoice

How to post the vendor invoice (LIV-Logistics Invoice Verification)
Three-way invoice verification
Two Way invoice verification
Debit/Credit memo
Invoice Verification
Subsequent Debit
Subsequent Credit
Invoice for Planned Costs
Invoice for Unplanned Costs
Park Invoice
Block Invoice
Release Invoice
Module 10: Special Procurement:

The Special Procurement Process. Learn comprehensively about Consignment Procurement. Know about the stock transport order, subcontracting, RTP, Service procurement, import, and with third-party process.

Consignment Procurement
Pipeline Procurement
Stock Transport Order
Service Procurement
Third-Party processing
Module 11: Stock Transfer

Learn various concepts of stock transfer in this module. Gain comprehensive knowledge about step stock transfer and two-step stock transfer

Concept of Stock Transfer
One Step Stock transfer
Two Step Stock transfer
Module 12: Release Strategy

Release Strategy in SAP MM. Get to Know various concepts of release procedure and types of release procedure. To create characteristics and create a class to define the release procedure

Concept of Release Procedure
Types of Release Procedure
Create Characteristics
Create Class
Define Release procedure
 Module 13: PO Pricing

This module will guide you through the PO pricing procedures. Here Learn about calculation schema, Condition type, and access sequence

Calculation Schema
Pricing Procedure
Condition Type
Access sequence
Module 14: Split Valuation

This module will guide you through various concepts of split valuation. Different valuation types, valuation categories, and creation of material

Concept of Split Valuation
Valuation Types
Valuation Categories
Creation of Material w.r. to Split valuation
Module 15: MRP

We have various concepts of MRP such as Plant parameters, MRP group, MRP type, MRP controllers. Know and how to create material in MRP views and generate planned orders

Concept of MRP
Plant Parameters
MRP Group
MRP Type
MRP Controllers
Creation of Material in MRP Views
Generating Planned Orders / Purchase Requisitions
Module 16: Batch Management Overview          

Define Batch Level and Batch Status Management            
Master Data in Batch Management
Business Processes of Batch Management
Batch Determination
Recurring Inspection and Expiration Dates
Batch Derivation              
Batch Traceability of Work in Process Batches                     
 Complimentary Module 1: Soft Skills Development

Business Communication
Preparation for the Interview
Presentation Skills
Complimentary Module 2: Resume Building Technique

Complimentary Module 3: SAP Global Certification Assistance

Complimentary Module 4: Job Assistance

About Instructor
A result-driven SAP Certified s/4 Hana MM Consultant / SAP MM Functional Lead / Implementation Manager with over 12+ years of track record in ERP System implementation and Business process reengineering out of which 7+ years with SAP Implementation. Functional & Technical Expertise in implementing ERP Systems entailing Business Analysis (GAP Analysis), and Project management, unit & integration testing as per test scripts, End-User Training, and Post-implementation Support in SAP.


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